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Thursday, February 08, 2024

Embracing Mindful Eating with Kiki Athnas 🍽️✨

Welcome to another enlightening episode of Sweet Liberation Podcast. 🎙️ In today's conversation, we delve into the transformative world of intuitive eating with Kiki Athnas, an intuitive eating coach who is reshaping how we approach food and wellness. 🌱 Kiki's journey from an obsession with wellness to discovering balance and joy in eating is a tale that resonates with many of us. ❤️

Kiki's Path to Intuitive Eating 🛤️
Kiki's story is a familiar one: a journey that began with a love for health and wellness, gradually morphing into an unhealthy obsession. This fixation with healthy eating, known as orthorexia, led to a cycle of food restriction, over-exercising, and eventually binge eating. Kiki's discovery of intuitive eating marked a turning point, helping her reconnect with her body's natural signals rather than being swayed by rigid dietary rules.💡

The Philosophy of Intuitive Eating📚
The concept of intuitive eating revolves around listening to and honoring the body’s natural hunger and satiety cues. It's about reconnecting with the gut feeling, and understanding that our bodies naturally crave balance and don't inherently desire excessive amounts of unhealthy foods. Kiki emphasizes that intuitive eating is not about abandoning healthy choices, but about making these choices naturally and without the mental burden of strict dietary rules. 🔄

Cultural Influences and Eating Habits🌍
Kiki, with her Greek and British heritage, brings a unique perspective on how different cultures approach food. She discusses the Mediterranean lifestyle, where eating is a relaxed, communal experience, contrasting sharply with the rushed, often solitary eating habits prevalent in many Western societies. ⏰ This cultural lens provides valuable insights into how our environment and upbringing can shape our relationship with food.🎨

Breaking Free from Food Guilt
A key aspect of Kiki's approach is helping women escape the cycle of guilt associated with eating. She points out how societal pressures and ingrained beliefs often lead to a disconnection from natural hunger cues, resulting in a strained relationship with food. 🍫 Kiki's method encourages embracing hunger as a natural and healthy signal, not something to be feared or suppressed.🚦

Practical Steps Towards Intuitive Eating

💡 Separate Eating from Other Activities: Make eating a distinct, mindful experience rather than a multitasking activity.

💡 Embrace All Foods: Allowing all foods removes the sense of deprivation that often leads to binge-eating.

💡 Honor Hunger and Satiety: Learn to recognize true hunger and eat accordingly, stopping when you feel balanced and satisfied.

💡 Integrate Movement into Life: Adopt a lifestyle that includes natural movement and activity, akin to the Mediterranean way of life.

Transformation Through Intuitive Eating
Kiki's intuitive eating coaching has transformed the lives of hundreds of women. She reassures that struggles with food are common and that the path to healing is often quicker and simpler than expected. By tuning into their bodies and respecting their natural rhythms, women can find a balanced, guilt-free relationship with food.

A Message of Hope and Empowerment❤️
​For anyone resonating with Kiki's message and struggling with food issues, remember that you're not alone. Embracing intuitive eating is about respecting yourself and making choices that align with your body's needs. It's about finding joy in eating and life, free from the constraints of guilt and strict dietary rules.

Notable Quotes 💬

On Mindful Eating: "Mindful eating is not just about what we eat, but how we eat. It's about being present in the moment and truly enjoying the experience of eating."

On Listening to the Body: Our bodies don’t want a gazillion pieces of chocolate cake. It’s about tapping into your body because it’s not addicted to sugar; it’s the habits we’ve created by focusing too much in our heads."

On Cultural Eating Habits: "In France, most people are slim not because they aren’t eating butter and cheese – they are – but because they're stopping to eat and really connecting with the experience of eating."

On Self-Respect and Food Choices: "I don’t need you to love yourself right now, but I need you to respect yourself. If you respect yourself, you’ll make good choices."

Kiki Athnas's inspiring journey into intuitive eating is more than just a story; it's a testament to the power of listening to our bodies and breaking free from the constraints of food guilt and restrictive diets. Her approach isn't just about what we eat, but how we eat, emphasizing the importance of mindfulness and respect for our natural hunger cues.

We've only scratched the surface of Kiki's insightful approach to intuitive eating in this summary. To dive deeper into her wisdom and learn more about transforming your relationship with food, we highly encourage you to watch the full episode on Sugarfree TV’s YouTube channel. There, Kiki shares more in-depth knowledge, practical advice, and her infectious enthusiasm for a balanced, joyful approach to eating. 💡

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